Guardian Program

What is the Guardian Program?

The guardian program offers benefits to the dog, owner, and breeder.

For the Dog

The dog has a nurturing and loving environment with their forever family.

Dogs get quality medical care, diet, and extensive testing associated with a high-quality breeding dog.

For the Owner

“Pick of the litter” dog to love.

Financially offset the expense of the purchase of a dog.

For the Breeder

Gives a responsible system to breed dogs without the use of kennels or rehoming after being “retired”.

Knowledge that the breeding dogs are in loving homes of responsible pet owners from day one.

What are the requirements of the guardian program?

· Live within 45 miles of the LDL (Charleston area)
· Must be interviewed and pre-approved by the breeder
· Fully fenced yard
· Ensure the puppy is well socialized
· Dog obedience training
· Feed the guardian dog food approved by the breeder
· Provide all routine care for a dog to include: routine and emergency veterinary care and medication (flea/tick and heartworm prevention), grooming, and food. LDL will cover veterinary care/costs related to breeding and testing
· Communicate with the breeder when a female guardian dog begins her heat cycle
· Must ensure that a female guardian dog is not in the presence of intact male dogs during the female’s heat cycle
· Male guardians are prohibited from breeding with other dogs
· Agree to all other terms of the guardian program

What is the cost of a Guardian puppy?

The cost of a pet puppy is $3,000.00 The cost of a guardian puppy is $1,500.00. You will be reimbursed money for each litter the dog produces that will total $1,500.00 at the conclusion of the breeding assignment. As an alternative, Guardian families may elect a new, second LDL puppy as reimbursement of the payment for the Guardian dog.

What guardian dog costs does LDL cover?

· All breeding related testing and doctor visits

· Cost of spay/neuter for the guardian dog at the conclusion of the breeding obligations

What are the breeding obligations for guardian dogs?

Female guardians require 3-4 litters with a minimum of 6 pups in each litter. Guardian females will leave their families approximately one week prior to the expected due date for each litter and will remain with LDL until the puppies are weaned. LDL will have a “puppy cam” during the birth of the puppies as well as other scheduled times so the guardian family can monitor their pet and her litter of pups.

Male studs are contracted for 5 years to include a minimum of 5 successful breedings. Males are not removed from their families for an extended period of time.

What other important considerations should we be aware of for the guardian program?

Below are some occasions where the guardian program contract would be voided and replaced with a standard puppy contract. If a below listed instance should occur there would be no reimbursement or compensation provided to the guardian family.

· guardian puppy fails to pass all required health testing
· guardian family relocates outside of the 45 mile radius of LDL’s home
· guardian family fails to meet the other requirements of the guardian program as explained above


Please contact us if you are interested in the LDL Guardian Program and we will be happy to provide more details as included in the Guardian Program Agreement.

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